Deutsche Bahn inks Nordsee Ost agreement

by Tom Russell in Windfarms 09/09/2019 innogy

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has announced plans to increase its purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources in the coming years. Agreements for the supply of green power from
Nordsee Ost have been signed by DB Energie GmbH (a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn), innogy SE, and RWE Supply & Trading.

Nordsee Ost wind farm is owned and operated by innogy SE. The plant was constructed around 35 kilometres to the north-east of the island of Heligoland. With 48 6.2M 126 Senvion wind turbines, each with a rated power of 6.15 MW, the plant has a total installed capacity of  295.2 MW. The turbines stand in water depths of up to 25m and will produce sufficient power to supply the equivalent of about 320,000 households annually.

The agreement is the first offshore wind Corporate Power Purchase Agreement in Germany. The power is produced at the offshore wind farm for a fixed price and is used directly by DB. RWE Supply & Trading acts as the contract and retail partner. The contract will run for five years, beginning in 2024. The supplied volume comprises 25 MW, which is equivalent to four wind turbines.

Deutsche Bahn has set itself even higher goals for the environment and the climate with its new "Starke Schiene" corporate strategy. By 2038, the entire rail power consumed by DB will be 100 percent green. The company already covers over 57 percent of its energy requirements with energy from renewables.

The share of green power in the rail power mix of DB is drawn from a portfolio of renewable energy sources. For example, innogy's hydropower plants have been supplying DB with around 900 million kilowatt hours of green power annually since 2011. The company's annual energy requirement is around ten terawatt hours, equivalent to the energy consumption of a city the size of Hamburg.

Hans Bünting, COO Renewables innogy SE: "This is a win-win deal for all parties involved. From 2024, Deutsche Bahn will run climate-friendly trains with green electricity from our Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm. After the reduction of state subsidies, we are pleased to have agreed commercial terms for the supply of electricity from the first turbines at our wind farm and created scope for further investment in this way."

Andree Stracke, CCO RWE Supply & Trading explains: "RWE has been supplying Deutsche Bahn for many years with green electricity from hydropower stations. With this new agreement we want to contribute towards our long-term partner achieving their ambitious climate protection targets. Combining our expertise in industrial and municipal customers with the producers of renewable energy offers both sides huge opportunities for the future."

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