Deutsche Windtechnik establishes a unit for offshore servicing

Bremen-based Deutsche Windtechnik AG has established a new country unit to provide maintenance for offshore wind farms in the UK.

Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd. began its work on 1st August and is managed as an independent company. It cooperates with the company's onshore country unit, which was established in 2016.

Deutsche Windtechnik has previously carried out a number of individual offshore projects in the UK since 2019. Many of these projects involved the replacement of major components as well as work related to specialist services, such as endoscope inspections of drive train components.

"Our goal in establishing this company is to bring the advantages of our comprehensive, flexible maintenance expertise to the British offshore market and to get closer to local customers and the offshore wind farms off the British coast,"
said Carl Rasmus Richardsen, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd. “The expansion goals of the British offshore market are unique in the world. Our advantage is that we will benefit in many ways from our extensive experience in the offshore markets of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Taiwan while building up our new offshore unit in the UK. We are confident that our flexible service concepts will also bring significant added value to operators and investors who are active in the UK."

Rosie Beevor, Offshore Operations Manager at Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore Ltd, added: "We are working hard to provide a full complement of services for existing and new customers. We are developing sustainable structures and partnerships for logistics, spare parts management, training, project management and much more."

“Our customers not only appreciate our highly flexible way of working and our technological expertise as well as the fact that we consistently take all aspects of safety into account. Our great advantage is that we coordinate and bundle individual jobs at the corresponding offshore clusters and wind farms in a technologically and logistically efficient way. The resulting savings in time, personnel and costs will also make a difference in the UK and will continue to drive offshore wind energy forward there too,”
concluded Richardsen.

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