Dieppe Le Tréport set for summer surveys

4C Offshore | Bridget Randall-Smith
By: 22/06/2020 EMDT
Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport (EMDT) is to launch summer survey campaigns at the FrenchDieppe-Le Tréport offshore wind farm in early July.

The 496 MW wind farm will be located 17 km from Dieppe and 15.5 km from Le Tréport, with a seabed depth ranging from 14 to 24 metres.

From 5th July to 10th August, EMDT will launch a geophysical and geotechnical campaign. This will be followed by a UXO survey in August and September.

The geophysical campaign will centre on an area around the future foundations, the electrical substation and along the cable route to better understand the nature of the seabed and to identify, using magnetometers, the possible presence of explosive devices dating from the Second World War. It will also involve mapping the seabed, using a multibeam sounder, and collecting three-dimensional images of the sea depths using a lateral sonar.

A short geotechnical campaign will run alongside, with the aim of researching bacteriological corrosion. It will include carrying out 5 vibrocarotings and a sampling of seawater (approximately 500 litres). The surface sediments will be studied in the laboratory and will thus provide useful data to improve knowledge of the corrosion rate of future foundations.

A preliminary campaign to identify possible World War II explosive devices will run from 1st August to 30th September. Following a previous survey in 2018, this new campaign will confirm or not the presence of explosive devices. After possible de-burial, the objects will be inspected by a ROV and then identified by an expert. The maritime authorities will be responsible for neutralisation.

EMDT represents a consortium of ENGIE (31%), EDP Renewables (29.5%), Sumitomo Corporation (29.5%) and Banque des Territoires (10%). EMDT acquired the administrative authorizations necessary for the construction of the wind farm in February 2019. Commissioning of the project, which will feature 62
Siemens Gamesa 8.0-167 DD wind turbines, is scheduled for 2023, subject to the appraisal of appeals against it.

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