Dongfang 10 MW turbine gets type certification

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Dongfang Electric Corporation's (DEC's) 10 MW turbine has been awarded the type certificate from the China Quality Certification Centre. It marks the first type certificate for a 10MW offshore wind turbine, as well as the largest power rating in China.

The 10 MW unit was jointly developed by China Three Gorges and DEC, and was rolled off the line in the Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park. This type of unit is designed for Class I wind areas in Fujian, Guangdong and other sea areas with Typhoonesuper typhoon resistance.

The centre height of the hub of the unit is about 115 metres above sea level, which is equivalent to the height of a 40 storey residential building. The diameter of the rotor is 185 metres, which is equivalent to the width of 3 Boeing 747s side by side. The area of ​​the wind turbine sweep is equivalent to 3.7 standard football fields. Under the condition of an average annual wind speed of 10 metres/second, a single unit can deliver 40 million kWh of clean electricity annually.

The turbine is installed at the at the Fuqi
Fuqing Xinghua Bay - Phase 2  wind farm. The Fuqing Xinghua Bay - Phase 2 project is being constructed roughly 22 km off the coast, east China's Fujian Province in Xinghua Bay. The project will consist of a total of 41 turbines, with 33 to be delivered by Goldwind and the remaining eight to be delivered by DEC. Goldwind will deliver two 8 MW turbines and a further of 31 6.45 MW turbines. Further to its aforementioned 10 MW turbine, DEC will deliver seven turbines, each with a 7 MW capacity. The turbines will give the project a total combined capacity of 280 MW. The wind farm is owned by China Three Gorges New Energy Co., Ltd. and Fujian Energy Group Co., Ltd.

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