DP plans 300 MW Celtic Sea floating wind farm

DP Energy has announced plans for a new floating wind farm, which it intends to develop in the Celtic Sea.

The Gwynt Glas floating offshore wind farm will have a capacity of 300 MW, and its name is Welsh for “blue wind”. It will be located between the coastlines of west Wales and south-west England, supplying energy for up to 300,000 homes, according to DP Energy.

“Floating wind technology is on the cusp of being one of the key renewable technologies for the future. The industry now needs to rapidly scale-up if we are to succeed in delivering the gigawatts of green energy required to meet our climate action goals. Gwynt Glas is not only significant to the environmental solution, but also a pathway to much needed economic regeneration for the UK, in particular coastal regions”, said Simon De Petro, CEO of DP Energy.

DP Energy has been carrying out site research and detailed studies “for some time”, and the result is the 1,500 km2 site it has chosen for this project, approximately 70 km from the shore. The site is now being investigated remotely for marine mammal and bird activity.

Chris Williams, Head of Development UK and New Markets for DP Energy, commented on the company’s plans:

“Our aim is to facilitate as much engagement with key stakeholders and communities as possible. We will work collaboratively with appropriate statutory bodies and consultees in Wales, the South West and across the UK, whilst securing the strongest delivery partnerships. Our focus is to use in-country capabilities wherever possible to support the growth of UK industry. We have engaged with local ports and are determined that Gwynt Glas will maximise local supply chain content and deliver environmental, social and economic benefit to the regions.”

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