EDF Renouveables submits applications for Mediterranean floating projects

EDF Renouveables has submitted applications for two floating offshore wind farms to be installed in the Mediterranean. The two concerned projects are the Mediterranean Grand Large and Occitanie Grand Large.

France announced earlier this year it plans to hold two floating wind turbine tenders in the Mediterranean. The winners of these competitive bidding procedures will be designated in 2023 with a view to commissioning the parks by 2030.

The two floating wind farms will have initial capacity of approximately 250 MW each but will be supplemented later by two extensions of 500 MW each. Combined, these parks will produce a volume of electricity equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 2.9 million inhabitants.

The first park for tender will be located off the Narbonnaise, more than 22 km from the coast, while the second park should be located off the Gulf of Fos more than 22 km from the coast.

France is targeting 40 GW of operational offshore wind by 2050. It also plans to phase out coal in 2023 and source 33% renewable generation by 2030. Furthermore it plans on reducing the share of nuclear to 50% by 2035. As part of France’s 2030 Investment Plan, around €300m will be dedicated to supporting floating offshore wind.

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