Elia's Modular Offshore Grid fully connected

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The connection of the SeaMade wind farm marks the completion of the Elia’s Modular Offshore Grid (MOG) power hub. Located 40 km off the Belgian coast, the switching platform bundles together export cables from four offshore wind farms and transports the generated energy to the mainland via a shared transmission system

The MOG has been operational since September 2019, when it was connected to the Rentel wind farm. It has since been connected to three more wind farms: Northwester 2 and the Mermaid and Seastar (collectively called SeaMade) projects. These are now starting up one by one.

Once all the wind farms are operational (scheduled for late 2020), they will generate an estimated 8 TWh per year on average, equal to approximately 10% of Belgium's total electricity demand. In the meantime, the federal government has begun developing a second generation area for offshore wind power, which will boost the installed capacity in the Belgian part of the North Sea 4 GW by 2030.

Earlier this week one of Belgium's largest offshore wind farms passed into the commercial operation phase after reaching technical completion. The 370 MW
Norther wind farm, comprises of 44 MHI Vestas V164-8.4 MW turbines and is located in the North Sea, approximately 23 kilometres from the Port of Zeebrugge (Belgium).

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