Elican takes next step

The turbine for the Elican offshore wind project has begun mooring operations at the PLOCAN test site.

Supported by the H2020 Programme, the Elican Consortium (Estyco, Adwen, ALE Heavy Lift and the Deutsches Windenergie Institut) are developing the turbine which is an upscaled version of the Elisa prototype.

The design uses a gravity based foundation, a telescopic tower and  an AD 5-132 turbine. Each complete unit can be assembled onshore, towed to site and installed without heavy-lift vessels. According to Esteyco, expected cost reduction capabilities exceed 35% when compared to Jackets or XXL Monopiles in deep (>35m) water.

Elican will be will be the first bottom fixed offshore wind turbine in Spain with commissioning expected later this year.

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