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EnBW bp and ORE Partner To Lower Vessel Emissions

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 27/02/2023 Catapult

EnBW and bp are mutually developing three offshore wind projects based within the UK. Morven, a potential 2.9GW lease area off the east coast of Scotland, and Morgan & Mona, both are within a 3GW area in the Irish Sea. The windfarms will require maintenance support from Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) and Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs).

This feasibility study aims to provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges associated with introducing new fuels into offshore wind SOVs and recommend appropriate technology developments and supply chain opportunities. The four-month project will analyse infrastructure, current regulation, supply chains and technology such as internal combustion engines, fuel cells and batteries, and fuels such as biodiesel, electric and hydrogen, before providing recommendations for support vessels.

“This is a key step in turning our offshore wind plans into action. We plan to build four ships in Scotland and how we power them is incredibly important. EnBW and bp are proud and excited to be part of a study that will help us identify low emission fuel types to power the ships that will service our offshore wind projects, delivering almost 6GW to the UK.” - Richard Haydock, Project Director at UK offshore wind bp

The project will be led by EnBW and bp with the Clean Maritime team at ORE Catapult, and partners including the University of Strathclyde, the University of Edinburgh, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

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