Energinet finishes Baltic platforms

EnerginetEnerginet has finished the installation of its three platforms in the Baltic Sea.

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, the heavy maintenance and construction vessel,
Rambiz, has finished the installation of three offshore platforms of 700, 1500 and 1800 tonnes respectively. The platforms will be used to collect the power from the coming wind farm at Kriegers Flak and to exchange it between Denmark and Germany. 

Rambiz can lift up to 3000 tonnes and has previously installed the Rødsand B platform for Energinet. 

"With the installation we have passed the most expensive risk in the project. The loss of a platform from the crane would delay the project for more than a year and have huge consequences. Therefore, it is a great relief to see all three platforms in their right place," says Energy Project Manager, Jens Chr. Hygebjerg.

Work is currently being undertaken both on and offshore before the connection can be made, the platforms are expected to be powered on October 1, 2018,

"At sea, we will weld the platforms to the foundation in the coming months and get all systems on board to run. Many things have been tested on the yard, but are being tested again, and other things are only possible to perform offshore, eg connection of seawater pumps. By the end of June we will start pulling the total of six cableways on board, connecting the platforms with each other and the mains in both Germany and Denmark,"says Jens Chr. Hygebjerg. 

Two of the platforms (KFB and KFE) are on the same foundation, and access to the platform for work operations will be done by a walk to work floating hotel. The hotel rig can house 80 men, which will ensure progress in the project even in bad weather, says the project manager. The last platform (KFA) instead has a helicopter platform.

Vattenfall is set to install the turbines at
Kriegers Flak in 2020-21, and when the farm is ready, it will be able to produce enough energy to power 600,000 households.

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