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Energinet receives permit for preliminary site investigations at Nordsøen I

4C Offshore | Kaitlin Walsh
By: Kaitlin Walsh 16/03/2023 Danish Energy Agency

On 15 March 2023, the Danish Energy Agency issued permit to Danish TSO, Energinet, regarding the initiation of preliminary site investigations for offshore wind farms in the Nordsøen I area in the North Sea.

The site investigations will cover geophysical and geotechnical studies of the areas designated for potential offshore wind farms and possible cable cable corridors, and are expected to begin in Q2 2023. Marine biological studies will also be carried out in the surrounding areas.

The permit allows Energinet to gather relevant data regarding the identified sites, which will contribute to mitigating risks for potential developers. A developer will also be able to use the results of the preliminary site investigations for the environmental impact assessment (EIA), which any concrete plans for establishing an offshore wind farm will undergo at a later stage. The permit issued does not grant any rights to establish offshore wind projects in the area.

Traditionally in Denmark, preliminary site investigations have been initiated based on a political agreement designating a specific site for offshore wind development. However, Energinet's preliminary site investigation for the Nordsøen I area is being initiated prior to political agreements designating this site for offshore wind farms.

This is a result of a decision of the Climate Agreement on Green Power and Heat 2022 to initiate the preliminary site investigations for all identified suitable offshore wind sites in order to fulfil the ambitions of more offshore wind by 2030.

More about offshore wind projects in the Nordsøen I area:
  • With the Danish Finance Act for 2022, 2 GW was added to the target capacity set by the Energy Agreement of 29 June 2018.
  • With the Climate Agreement on Green Power and Heat 2022, it was decided that an additional 4 GW of offshore wind should be commissioned by the end of 2030. Furthermore, it was also decided that preliminary site investigations should be initiated for sites in the screening, including the Nordsøen I area.

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