energyRe proposes offshore wind transmission projects to boost New York’s clean energy initiatives

By: Chloe Emanuel

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18/06/2024 energyRe

energyRe has submitted a series of proposals, dubbed the Clean Borough Power Link, in response to the New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) New York City Public Policy Transmission Need (PPTN). These proposals aim to expand New York’s transmission system to facilitate the delivery of emissions-free energy generated by offshore wind power to New York City.

“New transmission is essential for the reliable deployment of offshore wind, and energyRe is ready to modernize New York’s electric grid in support of the state’s clean energy goals,” said Ryan Brown, Chief Operating Officer of energyRe. The proposals address different levels of offshore wind power integration from areas in the New York Bight and off the Massachusetts coast. They are designed to ensure the reliable and cost-effective delivery of offshore wind energy to New Yorkers. energyRe’s plans benefit from the expertise of its partner and investor, Elia Group, a leading transmission system operator known for its experience in HVDC (high voltage direct current) and offshore transmission development.

energyRe’s track record in New York includes the Clean Path New York project, which integrates a new 175-mile, 1,300 MW HVDC transmission line with over 3,800 MW of new in-state wind and solar power. Once completed, Clean Path NY will provide 7.5 million megawatt-hours of emissions-free electricity annually, powering more than 1.5 million homes.

Additionally, energyRe is co-developing Leading Light Wind, an offshore wind project that will generate up to 2,400 MW of clean energy, enough to power over 1 million homes. Nationally, energyRe's portfolio includes over 500 miles of HVDC transmission, 16 GW of utility-scale renewable energy, and more than 155 MW of distributed generation.

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