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Experts join for Taiwan offshore wind workshop

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 24/03/2023 WFO

The World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) have successfully concluded the second edition of the three day Offshore Wind Industry Legal Contract Workshop for the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.

Following the first edition in 2022, the workshop invited legal experts from LCS & Partners, Beacon International Attorneys At Law, and offshore wind industry experts from Taiya Renewable Energy, Skyborn Renewables Taiwan, as well as financial experts from EnTie Commercial Bank. National Credit Guarantee Administration and EnergyOMNI Media also gave important support to this event.

The three day workshop covered topics such as contract structure introduction, dispute resolution, force majeure and COVID-19, operation and maintenance, corporate power purchase agreements (CPPA), case studies, auction and bids, and a visit to the Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation (TIWTC).

The workshop concluded with 100% of registered candidates successfully completing the program and obtaining a certification of completion. This achievement indicates that the offshore wind industry supply chain is in sync with the development policy and that there is a need for more training and exchanges.

Mr. David Chiang, Representative of WFO in Taiwan, talks about this workshop in collaboration with TIER and industry experts, explaining the potential benefits of allowing the local industry supply chain to be more familiar with the industry. The workshop highlights  the challenges of meeting localization requirements and hidden pain points that may be overlooked, expanding the dialogue to include extended agenda items connecting to the offshore wind industry.

Since the first edition of the workshop in 2022, there have been requests to extend the program to other locations in the Asia Pacific Region, indicating healthy progression of the offshore wind industry development.

Dr. Chung-Chun Hsu, Associate Research Fellow and Supervisor at TIER, discusses that the zonal development timeline at 2026 is approaching, required by administrative regulations for the offshore wind farms of the zonal development must completed 'on time and to specification', and the probability of completion on time depends heavily on the local supply chain.

The aim of these industry workshops is to strengthen domain know-how, bridge the local supply chain to international experts, and provide incremental support to the development of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.

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