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The two exports cables for TenneT's Hollandse Kust Zuid Alpha offshore grid connection project have been pulled-in at the offshore jacket foundation.

The installation of the cables started on September 22nd by pulling the cable ashore in Maasvlakte. Van Oord's Deep Dig-It trencher was deployed within the Rotterdam Maasmond to bury the cables 5.5 metres deep for the first 10 kilometres of the cable route. The total length of the 220 kV cable that is approximately 42 kilometres.

The Hollandse Kust Zuid Alpha platform is located 22 kilometres off the coast of the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland and will transmit power ashore from the
Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 offshore wind farm. The cables will connect the platform to the Maasvlakte high-voltage substation where it will be integrated into the Randstad 380 kV South ring.

The Van Oord/Hellenic Cable Consortium was also tasked with installing a further cables for the Beta platform. Works on this project will follow in 2021. This will connect the
Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4 to the onshore grid.

Vattenfall secured the rights to the
Hollandse Kust Zuid 1&2 and Hollandse Kust Zuid 3 & 4, in separate zero subsidy tenders in March 2018 and July 2019 respectively. The projects are located off the coasts of the Hague and Noordwijk. Offshore construction is scheduled to start in 2021. The projects are to be fitted with approximately 140 Siemens Gamesa Direct Drive SG DD-193 offshore turbines, with the ability to reach a capacity of 11 MW. The projects will have a combined capacity of 1,500 MW and are expected to meet the annual electricity consumption of around two million Dutch households. Offshore construction is scheduled to start in 2021. The turbines will be installed in 2022, with the project expected to be fully operational by 2023.

By the end of 2023, TenneT aims to have constructed 3,500 MW offshore grid connections for offshore wind farms. The next to be constructed is for the
Hollandse Kust Noord offshore wind farm. TenneT is using five standardised 700 MW transformer platforms and 220 kV cable connections for the grid connection projects.

According to the Follow-up Roadmap for Offshore Wind Energy, a further 6.1 GW (6,100 MW) of offshore wind farms will be built from 2024 through to the end of 2030. These wind farms will be located in the wind energy areas known as Hollandse Kust West, Ten Noorden van de Waddeneilanden and IJmuiden Ver. For the first two, TenneT will again be using three standardised 700 MW platforms (2.1 GW).

The connection of wind energy areas further out into the North Sea, such as IJmuiden Far (4 GW), will partly require other technologies that use direct current instead of alternating current. IJmuiden Ver will have two offshore converter stations, each with a capacity of 2 GW, which is unique in the offshore wind industry.

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