FERC denies transmission complaint but announces technical conference

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The United States’ Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has denied a complaint from Anbaric Development Partners, a grid developer, against regional grid operator PJM Interconnection.

The complaint, filed in November 2019, suggests that PJM’s transmission tariff wrongly bars transmission projects in the Atlantic Ocean from connecting to the grid. The suggestion of undue discrimination arises from a need for each project to connect to ‘another control area outside of PJM’ with either direct current (DC) or controlled alternating current (AC). Anbaric’s independent transmission system is planned to connect multiple distant offshore wind farms to the grid via transmission platforms, which is not covered under the above definition.

Earlier this month (June 2020), FERC determined that Anbaric had failed to demonstrate that the tariff is ‘unfair, unjust, or unduly discriminating’ and denied the complaint.

However, FERC has also announced that it will hold a technical conference to discuss how transmission system operators can accommodate the anticipated rise in offshore wind generation, and to look at incorporating independent transmission projects into their tariffs.

The conference will be held, either in person or online, on 27th October 2020.

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