Final turbine stands at Zhanjiang Wailuo project

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Turbine installation has been completed at the
Guangdong Yudean Zhanjiang Wailuo offshore wind farm off the coast of China. The project consists of 36 typhoon resistant Ming Yang Smart Energy MySE 5.5MW-155 turbines.

The wind farm is located 10km off the coast of Xuwen in the South China Sea. Investment in the project is said to total $535 million.  It is owned by Guangdong Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd and Guangdong Yudean Group Co.,Ltd. Construction was led by Guangdong Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd

The first turbine was grid connected in August this year and transmitted power via the project's 220KV offshore sub-station. Each turbine has been mounted on monopile foundations.  It is the first offshore wind project in Guangdong Ppovince to use large diameter monopiles on a large scale project, Diameter 7m, weight 1000t.

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