Finnish ice-proof wind farm to be expanded

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Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy is exploring the possibility of launching an expansion project for the Tahkoluoto offshore wind farm in Pori, Finland.

Ten SWT-4.0-130 turbines on gravity-based foundations were installed at the
Tahkoluoto project in 2017. The wind farm is the world’s first  commercial project designed for icy conditions.

According to the developer, the
expansion project is in the preliminary study phase and its environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure is now well underway.

Suomen Hyotytuuli submitted the initial "EIA programme" to the liaison authority, the ELY Center for Southwest Finland, in late April, and a public consultation will run until 29th May.

The first EIA programme documentation includes:
  • Basic information about the project, its options and technical description
  • A schedule for the project and the EIA procedure, as well as a plan for organizing participation and information
  • A description of the current status of the project and review areas, a plan of which mpacts will be assessed and the methods used to carry out the assessments.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no information and discussion events on the EIA programme. Information about the project and the environmental impact assessment is compiled on the company website. In addition, it is possible for the project manager to ask questions and views by phone, email and website form. An information and discussion event open to the public will be held after the completion of the environmental impact assessment report.

The results of the consultation will feed into the creation of an EIA report during the second stage of the EIA procedure. The environmental impact evaluation will be carried out during spring, summer and autumn 2020. The EIA report will then be submitted to the liaison authority in the winter of 2020 and a decision on the EIA approval is expected spring/summer 2021.

Two possibilities are currently under consideration for the expansion, including up to 40 or 45 turbines of 11-16 MW with maximum tip heights of 300m, hub heights of 175m and rotor diameter of 250m. The wind farms will be connected to the existing electricity grid in Tahkoluoto with the potential addition of a new offshore substation. According to the tentative schedule, construction of the wind farm could begin in 2023 at the earliest with generation from 2025.

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