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First load-out from Port of Esbjerg's new offshore wind site

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 03/08/2022 Port Esbjerg

A new pre-assembly site developed by Siemens Gamesa and Port Esbjerg has conducted its first load-out. The first offshore wind power project to be installed from the new site is RWE’s Kaskasi offshore wind power project.

Earlier this year, Siemens Gamesa and Port Esbjerg developed a bespoke pre-assembly site aimed at ensuring efficiency and longevity in the installation of offshore wind power plants in the North Sea. The first load-out has now been conducted as planned.

Anders Midskov, Port Manager for Siemens Gamesa, notes that within the last 12 years, every load-out has been done on time in Port Esbjerg, and he said: “With our present site, we have successfully had several hundreds load-outs from the Port of Esbjerg – in a safely and efficient way efficiency, and are off to a good start with the Kaskasi project”.

Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO of Port Esbjerg, said: “Given that the Esbjerg Declaration was signed on the site which we developed together with Siemens Gamesa, the first load-out for the Kaskasi offshore wind project also showcases our commitment to the plan for offshore wind in the North Sea.”

Port Esbjerg stated it has been involved in the installation of 55 offshore wind farms in Europe. It has plans for further two pre-assembly sites to be completed in 2023, which will cater for the installation of a minimum of 3 GW of offshore wind each year. This will be supported by an ongoing port expansion, which will add further areas for storage of main components before installation.

The CEO of Port Esbjerg stated: “We receive many visitors from ports that have plans for offshore wind operations, and we always share information and details of how best to take part in this green transition.”


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