First Subsea opens Lancaster facility

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 09/11/2021 First Subsea
First Subse, has opened a dedicated Cable Protection Systems (CPS) production facility in Lancaster, UK. The new facility aims to increase the company’s ability to provide CPS systems for offshore wind development projects globally.

Since initiating its business strategy in 2012, winning its first contract in 2015 and installing its first cable protection systems in 2017, First Subsea has progressively improved the CPS design with new materials and technical innovation. First Subsea has since secured contracts worth over £12 million to supply several offshore wind projects.

"Our approach to projects and the technical and performance advantages of our cable protection systems have proven decisive in winning new projects,”
said John Shaw, Managing Director at First Subsea. “By opening a dedicated CPS facility, we bring together both manufacture, testing and verification within a single building ensuring product and quality consistency.”

First Subsea CPS  are used to protect electrical power export cables, and array cables, from overbending, abrasion and dropped objects as they emerge from the base of the monopile.