Formosa 2 powers ahead

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 21/07/2022 Formosa 2

Formosa 2 offshore wind project has passed two major construction milestones, completing the installation of 12 turbines and transmitting power to the national grid. The passing of these construction milestones demonstrate that Formosa 2 continues to make steady progress towards commercial operation, expected in 2022.

According to the project's developers, despite challenging weather conditions this year, the team has utilised all available weather windows and made steady progress.

The installation of the jacket foundations and subsea Inter-Array Cables began in April and May respectively, and the turbine installation commenced in the beginning of June. The project has now completed more than half of the foundation installations and more than a quarter of the turbines has been installed.

Michael Klingele, Project Director of Formosa 2 said: "Despite facing challenges posed by recent weather conditions, the team has persisted in advancing construction works, with strong health, safety and environmental performance and high sustainability standards. We are fully committed to ensuring the project becomes a pivotal driver in Taiwan' s green energy transition."

Developed by JERA (49%), Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (26%) and Swancor Renewable Energy (25%), Formosa 2 will be one of Taiwan’s largest offshore wind projects. The project is located between four and ten nautical miles off Miaoli County and will consist of 47 turbines each with an 8 MW capacity. With an overall capacity of 376 MW, it is expected to produce enough power for up to 380,000 Taiwanese families with green energy.

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