Foundations laid for DolWin6 converter station

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The foundation stone has officially been laid for the DolWin6 onshore converter station in Emden / Ost. A time capsule with coins, a regional daily newspaper and construction plans were inserted in the construction site area of ​​the onshore converter.

An onshore station is an essential element for connecting offshore wind farms to the grid. The DolWin6 project includes a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission of 900 MW from the wind farms at sea to the extra-high voltage grid in Emden / East.

The wind power produced at sea off the coast of Lower Saxony is fed as three-phase current to a offshore converter platform from TenneT, where it is converted into direct current and transported a total of 90 kilometres to the converter station onshore in Emden / Ost. Here, the electricity is converted back to a three-phase current and fed into the extra-high voltage grid via the substation. Because of the distance and the power to be transmitted, direct current is ideal for low-loss transport.

The converter station is being built in several construction phases on an area of ​​23,500 square metres. Due to the soil conditions, a deep foundation was required for the entire construction project. ~24 metre-long bored piles were used to transfer the building load into lower, stable soil layers.

Siemens has been commissioned to construct the offshore platform as well as the onshore converter station and install all electrical engineering systems. As another contractor, Nexans has been tasked with delivering and connecting cables to connect the platform at sea to the station on land. The laying of the cables will also begin in the summer of this year.

With the DolWin6 project, wind farms with a transmission capacity of up to 900 MW can be connected to the grid from 2023. DolWin6 is one of the three current offshore grid connection projects that TenneT is currently implementing. Twelve network connections are already in operation with a capacity exceeding 7 GW.

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