France ups offshore wind ambitions

by Tom Russell in Corporate 24/01/2020 4C Offshore

The French Government has increased its offshore wind ambition in the latest draft of the programmations pluriannuelles de l’énergie (PPE), which sets out the country’s energy strategy for the period 2019-2028.

The Government aims to increase its installed offshore wind target from 4.7-5.2 GW to 5.2-6.2 GW by 2028. The PPE sets out a tender programme for an additional 1 GW fixed project to be tendered in 2021-2022 and 2023 and a second 250 MW floating project in the Mediterranean in 2022. Annual tendering capacity from 2024-2028 for fixed and floating has also been increased from 500 MW to 1 GW.

The increase was sparked by the success of the 500 MW
Dunkirk auction in June 2019, which saw an EDF-led consortium win with a dramatically lower bid than expected of €44/MWh. The PPE envisages prices for fixed and floating to range from €50-60/MWh and €110-120/ MWh for future tenders. A public consultation on the PPE started on 20th January and will close on 19th February.

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