Fred. Olsen Renewables and Hafslund Eco forge offshore wind ties

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Fred. Olsen Renewables and Hafslund Eco have launched an offshore wind collaboration effort. The partnership will work initially to apply for licenses for the development of offshore wind on the Norwegian shelf.

This summer, the Norwegian government decided to open applications for licenses for the development of wind power in two areas in the North Sea, Utsira North and Southern North Sea II. The partnership, equally owned by Fred. Olsen Renewables and Hafslund Eco, will apply for licenses for the development of offshore wind in both of these fields.

"This collaboration brings together two companies that have a long tradition of investing long-term in Norwegian value creation. Hafslund Eco has extensive expertise and experience in renewable power production, power markets and infrastructure. We are therefore very happy to have Hafslund Eco as a partner,"
said chairman of the board of Fred. Olsen Renewables, Anette Olsen. Olsen also holds the position of general manager of Bonheur.

"Fred. Olsen Renewables and related companies have cutting-edge expertise in wind power, offshore installations and offshore operations. Here we gather complementary environments with long experience, and together we employ 3,500 competent employees,"
said CEO of Hafslund Eco, Finn Bjørn Ruyter.

The two companies will focus on both floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind and are now actively working to further detail the concepts.

"While the market and technology for sediment is more industrialized, the market for liquid is at an earlier stage. Strong growth is expected and there is a constant need for new solutions. This suggests that there is plenty of room for innovative and competitive suppliers, many of which we have in Norway,"
said Olsen.

In the first instance, large amounts of power will be supplied not only to the Nordic market, but also to oil and gas installations and other consumers in and around the North Sea. Through this, Fred. Olsen Renewables and Hafslund Eco will be involved in developing a future port network.

"In the longer term, we expect that the demand for renewable energy will increase to cover the need for electrification and decarbonisation of Norway, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. Here, a port network in the North Sea that combines large amounts of offshore wind and regulated hydropower will be central,"
added Ruyter.

With this collaboration, Fred. Olsen Renewables and Hafslund Eco are looking for to work with the supplier industry in Norway.
"Norwegian companies and the supplier industry have opportunities to develop good and innovative solutions for offshore wind. We want to contribute to creating a strong environment within offshore wind in Norway," said Olsen.

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