Fugro deploys geotech rig for Atlantic Shores project

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 23/05/2022 Fugro

Fugro is performing a third year of integrated site characterisation services for the New Jersey-based offshore wind farm developer Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind (Atlantic Shores).

Geophysical, metocean and environmental scopes of work are currently underway, while geotechnical services will commence later this month, using a newly commissioned Fugro C30 mobile rig.

Working from a third-party vessel, the Fugro C30 mobile rig offers heave compensated drilling capabilities, as well as downhole sampling, coring and in situ testing data. Fugro has also equipped the vessel with an automated launch and recovery system to use in conjunction with their Fugro SEACALF DeepDrive system for performing seabed cone penetration tests.

Jeff Scott, Director of Marine Geotechnics for Fugro in the Americas, stated: “We are thrilled to continue our integrated site characterisation work with Atlantic Shores this year, and we are excited to deploy our new Fugro C30 rig on the project. We are confident it will deliver Atlantic Shores the timely, high-quality soils information needed to optimise foundation and cable design ahead of the target 2024 construction date.”

As with previous field season, all project geo-data will be delivered in near real-time to Atlantic Shores via Fugro’s Gaia.Hub web-based platform. Gaia.Hub provides a single source of information for the entire Atlantic Shores project team and stakeholders, allowing users to access Geo-data any time, from any location, via a simple, intuitive website.

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is a 50/50 partnership between Shell New Energies US LLC and EDF Renewables North America. The joint venture formed in December 2018 to co-develop a
183,353 acre lease area.

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