Fugro to aid geotechnical works

Parc Eolien en Mer de Saint NazaireA pre-work geotechnical campaign has begun at the Saint-Nazaire wind farm with the aim of improving the knowledge of the soil conditions at the site.

During the previous geotechnical campaign in 2015, surveys were carried out on half of the positions of the wind turbine foundations. This second survey will focus on the positions remaining. The information will be collected from soil cores and help to understand the specifics of the soil several meters below the sea bed.

The operations will be carried out by the company Fugro and will extend from May to July subject to weather conditions. The barge currently on site is called the Excalibur.At the end of May the  Fugro Scout will be on site to give aid and try to complete the works as soon as possible.

The Saint-Nazaire will have a capacity of 480MW, which will be provided by the 80 Haliade 150-6MW turbines.

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