Greenalia completes geophysical campaign for floating project

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 13/05/2022 Greenalia

Greenalia is progressing the development of its floating offshore wind projects in the Canary Islands, with the recent execution of a complete geophysical campaign in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, where it plans to locate the
Gofio project.

The main objective of the geophysical campaign is to obtain more detailed knowledge of the conditions of the seabed where the floating offshore wind farm will be implemented.

Greenalia stated that the results of this campaign have confirmed the analysis carried out within the Environmental Impact Study (EIA), prepared in 2020, and helped the company obtain a greater knowledge of the biodiversity of the seabed. It claims that the works show compatibility with the environment and the reduced environmental impact that the project could generate.

The study was developed over two months, in which a bathymetric and morphological survey of the seabed has been carried out, which has allowed analysis of the benthic communities (the different aquatic ecosystems) and underwater archaeology. For this, it has had the support of an underwater ROV, in addition to the characterisation of the marine substrates using an underwater research system, type Geopulse.

This award is part of the collaboration agreement that Greenalia signed last year with the Canary Islands Maritime Cluster (of which ECOS is a partner).

Greenalia expects the 50 MW
Gofio project to be the first floating offshore wind farm in Spain and anticipates it will produce the equivalent of the consumption of 75,000 households, with a net capacity factor of around 60%

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