Guernsey to Jersey Replacement Cable trenching works extended

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The trenching works for the replacement cable for the Guernsey to Jersey1 is still ongoing.  Factors considered to have contributed to the extension are "the progress to date" and the pending spring tidal currents.  A 6 day extension has now been announced and it is anticipated that the finish date is likely to be 8th November 2019.  

The trenching programme itself includes first pass trenching, ROV survey inspections of the burial of the cable and additional trenching as required along the full route.  There are concerns that fishing along the cable corridor could impede operational and navigational safety, and the project owners have requested that  no anchoring or setting of buoys or pots is carried out within the bays until the trenching works is completed.

NKT High Voltage cables AB is, on behalf of Guernsey Electricity Ltd, installing a submarine power cable between Saint Peter Port, Guernsey and Greve de Lecq, Jersey

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