GustoMSC unveils new heavy lift crane vessel series

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 20/06/2022 GustoMSC
GustoMSC's has unveiled its new ENSIS heavy lift crane vessel series for the offshore wind foundation market. According to GustoMSC, the ENSIS design features scalable and fully customizable designs and next-generation crane and deck mission equipment developed by other groups in NOV's Marine & Construction business unit.

The ENSIS 5000 is about 220 m long and 55 m wide, with 9,500 m2 of deck space. It features a 5,000t-rated heavy lift crane and is designed around a combined upend hinge with a motion-compensated gripper that allows the ENSIS 5000 to take up to six XXXL monopiles in one trip. GustoMSC also outlined that the draught is optimised to be able to operate from common marshaling yards, and a foldable A-frame allows mobilisation around the world.

The ENSIS 5000 design also features energy-saving, reclamation, and storage solutions and is suitable for the use of new or alternative fuels.

The ENSIS 3000 and ENSIS 4000 designs are based on the same principles and expertise as the ENSIS 5000 but are developed to address particular challenges or showcase specific possibilities. The ENSIS 3000 is a compact design that installs smaller monopiles, pin-piles, or suction anchors, while the ENSIS 4000 aims to offers opportunities for the US market and Jones Act-compliant vessels.