GWO unveils new training profiles to drive technician recruitment

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 16/09/2022 GWO
Global Wind Organisation (GWO) announced that wind energy employers are supporting the onboarding of thousands of new technicians with a trio of simplified routes and recommended training for entry level talent.

The GWO Entry Level Wind Technician Framework will launch on 4 October 2022. It contains three recommended profiles for talent looking to train to become entry level technicians in the wind industry, which are endorsed by GWO’s members and will help new recruits to understand and choose their route into jobs within the areas of Pre-Assembly, Installation, or Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

“Wind Turbine Technician is one of the fastest growing professions, globally,” explains Lisa Mallon, Chair, GWO Executive Committee, Global Executive Leader at GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind. “If we are to smooth the pathway for people joining our sector as technicians, we must provide a clear entry-level training standard.”

Post-education recruits are identified as the largest potential group in scope for the three routes, but professionals from other sectors seeking to make the transition into wind are also considered a target group for the entry-level framework.  

“The three job profiles of the Entry Level Framework give new wind technicians a transparent and valid set of skills to aim for,” adds Lisa. “This will make the jump into the wind industry easier for those with no wind experience, and clarify the entry level standard for people with existing skills who want to join our industry.”

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