Haliade-X spins at 14 MW

GE Renewable Energy has announced that its Haliade-X prototype is operating at 14 MW. The prototype, installed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, can produce up to 74 GWh of gross annual energy production. It is an uprated version of the Haliade-X 13 MW. GE Renewable Energy has now become the first player to operate a turbine at 14 MW capacity.

Vincent Schellings, Chief Technology Officer, GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind, said: “We’re pleased to announce that the Haliade-X prototype is the first turbine in the industry to successfully run at 14 MW. When we first commissioned our Haliade-X prototype in November 2019 at 12 MW, we made a big leap forward in the industry. Over the past two years we have learned a lot about operating and optimizing the performance of our Haliade-X platform, enabling us to uprate the Haliade-X platform to 14 MW today.”

The Haliade-X 14 MW will have its first commercial outing at the Dogger Back C offshore wind farm, 130 km off England’s north-east coast. The Dogger Bank complex – A, B, and C – is set to become the largest offshore wind farm in the world. For Dogger Bank C, GE will provide 87 of the 14 MW units.

The model has also been selected for the Vineyard Wind project, the first large-scale commercial offshore wind project in the US, in federal waters off Massachusetts. For Vineyard Wind, the turbines will be rated to 13.6 MW.

Last month, in England, GE received planning approval for its blade factory in Teesside. This factory will make 107 metre-long turbine blades for the Haliade-X's 220 metre rotor.

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