Hexicon gets patent approval for floating foundations

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Swedish floating wind developer Hexicon has been granted two new patents from the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). The two patents, both submitted in 2018, describe unique features in Hexicon's design of floating wind power foundations.

Several national patents worldwide are expected to follow. The technology was originally based on knowledge developed when Swedish shipyards built floating oil platforms in the 1980s. The approved patents apply to the technology that allows the platforms to adapt to the wind direction and maximise its effect.

"We see the approval as a confirmation of our ability to be innovative and forward-looking. A direct result of our constant efforts to create and develop competitive technology,"
said Niklas Hummel, CTO at Hexicon.

"Positioning at the top in a new market segment is not done by using only the conventional technology solutions. Challenging the traditional and having an ability to innovate are important prerequisites for success. These new patents are of great importance to the company,"
added Hexicon's CEO Henrik Baltscheffsky.

Hexicon, based in Stockholm, was established in 2009. The company has developed a two turbine foundation concept which aims to produce power in deeper waters. It is in the process of developing
Dounreay Tri off the coast of Scotland. With a capacity of 10 MW, this project will feature two turbines mounted on one semi-submersible foundation.

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