High Tien Offshore launches newbuilding plan in Taiwan

Taiwanese offshore wind marine engineering services firm High Tien Offshore has announced its collaboration with Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC) and Jong Shyn Shipbuilding (JSS), to build offshore vessels for the sea conditions in Taiwan.

For the CTV and SOV newbuilding, High Tien Offshore has engagesd SOIC, which has experience designing different types of vessels, to improve and design the vessels that are the most suitable for Taiwan’s rough sea conditions. For detailed engineering and construction, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding has been tasked to cooperate with SOIC and local shipbuilding supply chain to build and deliver these two types of vessels to the required timeline, quality and performance.

High Tien Offshore stated it is proactively responding to the government’s localisation development policy that encourages localisation of marine shipbuilding, and cooperates with local companies and research institution for the improvement, design and newbuilding of the localized and offshore wind farm vessels.

“In order to support government’s localization development policy and developers’ bidding for the offshore wind farms of zonal development in Round 3, High Tien Offshore plans to build Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) and Service Operation Vessel (SOV), with the mission of creating Taiwan values and establishing autonomous capability of marine vessels. The CTV’s are projected to be deployed for wind farm services in early 2025, while the SOV can be delivered in early 2027,” said Chairman TSENG Kuo-Cheng of High Tien Offshore. “Taiwan’s shipbuilding industry has laid a sound foundation and accumulated rich experience in the ship design and shipbuilding through decades of joint efforts by the government and the private sector. Propelled by international demand of energy transition and the government’s offshore wind farm localization policy, local design and newbuild marine vessels will drive the transition and upgrade the Taiwan’s shipbuilding industry.”

“For these marine vessels, propulsion and seakeeping capability are of utmost importance. SOIC has accumulated nearly 46 years of experience designing merchant and public vessels, and has confidence in its expertise of developing essential CTV and SOV performances; moreover, with the support of the Technology Development Program of Department of Industry Technology (DOIT), MOEA, SOIC has already done some investigations. The experience and design analysis capability will be used on the design and improvements,” said Chairman CHIU Fong-Chen of SOIC. “Following the government’s policy, SOIC is investing its full effort in the areas of local newbuild naval vessels, coast guard vessels, research vessels, offshore wind farm vessels and smart ships system. Certainly, Taiwan has had a late start in the area of offshore wind marine vessels, but we are confident that the local shipbuilding industry, including SOIC, will display our capabilities gradually but surely to become the trustful partners of wind farm developers and contractors, achieving localization of the development of offshore wind farm marine vessels.”

“Relying on its experience of building various types of vessels, such as aluminum alloy working vessels and offshore patrol vessels, accumulated over the decades, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding has strong local professional facilities and team, and has confidence in building CTV’s and SOV for this plan that demonstrate outstanding performances and operational efficiency in real wind farm operations,” said President HAN Yu-Lin of Jong Shyn Shipbuilding. “Jong Shyn Shipbuilding is a reputable private enterprise and the leading local shipyard. For the newbuilding of these marine vessels, we not only create value for Taiwan’s offshore wind farm industry, but will also drive the local shipbuilding supply chain to shift towards the area of larger and more complex marine vessels with even higher values and higher technical requirements”