High Tien Offshore unveils cable vessel plans

High Tien Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (High Tien Offshore) has announced plans to invest and own its first large Cable Laying Vessel (CLV). It is expected to be ready by the end of 2023 and will be fully operational in 2024.

High Tien Offshore expects the Cable Laying Vessel to meet the operational requirements in the offshore wind farms in Taiwan and APAC region. It outlined that the vessel will have a big loading capacity, a large turn table capacity, dynamic positioning capability, and be equipped with WROV and trenching equipment.

In addition of laying inter array cables and export cables for offshore wind farms, the vessel is designed to also install submarine communication cables and conduct emergency repairs.

High Tien Offshore aims to tap into the local supply chains to support shipbuilding, ship repairs, offshore engineering, information, communication integration and AIoT intelligent technology.

Mr. Tseng Kuo-Cheng, Chairman High Tien Offshore, emphasises: “We are very glad to see that our government shows huge importance in the establishment of the local offshore engineering, which has a huge leading role in Taiwan’s development of renewable energy, expansion of the marine economy and strengthening of national ocean influences.

"The aim of the investment of High Tien Offshore in an advanced large Cable Laying Vessel is to build an independent role for the main offshore installation works. This is the core of the offshore engineering. We will keep our vessel, talents and technologies in Taiwan: setting our roots here, developing and contributing to Taiwan, and then for a further expansion in the APAC and international market.”