Ideol partners with STX for floating future

IdeolIdeol and STX Europe Offshore Energy, have announced a step forward for floating offshore wind with the development of a floating offshore substation.

The substation is both compatible with floating and bottom-fixed wind farms. They expect the universal and modular solution to impact the market of offshore substations and aims for it to be market-ready for France’s upcoming floating commercial tenders.

Based on Ideol’s patented and shallow-draft Damping Pool concept and designed to operate in the world most extreme environments, the floating substation is currently being designed and engineered with a target of maximum standardisation and modularisation. The duo states that the concept will remain flexible to satisfy client demands, local rules, standards, certification and/or specific certification requirements.

This project is part of OPTIFLOT, a R&D project which also involves ABB and SNEF.

Paul de la Guérivière, Ideol’s CEO, has declared: "This project pushes the boundaries of the offshore wind market as offshore substations are a crucial component of a commercial array. This project allows us to add another string to our bow and demonstrates the wide range of potential applications our Damping Pool technology can offer”.

Frédéric Grizaud, STX Offshore Energy Business Unit Director, has declared: “We have the ambition to combine our experience of bottom-fixed offshore substations and floating units’ fabrication to deliver a strong and efficient solution. We believe in its competitiveness and in our contribution to lower LCOE that will make this new market a reality”.

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