Ingeteam designs converters for up to 18MW offshore turbines

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 16/11/2022 Ingeteam

Ingeteam has developed the INGECON WIND FULL CONVERTER MV, a new product range of medium voltage full power converters designed to improve the performance of offshore wind turbines. The converter is available for offshore turbines up to 15MW and is projected to be ready for 18MW machines by 2024.

This latest innovation is part of Ingeteam’s suite of full power drive train components, including the INDAR generators. The offshore wind converters and generators can be combined and integrated to form a full power drive train solution.

The full power converters can reach up to a 18MW rating as a result of the parallelization of two conversion lines, which Ingeteam stated provides redundancy in terms of de-rated operation under a conversion line fault. Furthermore, Ingeteam  stated that its INGECON WIND FULL CONVERTER MV operating with HV IGBT packages does not require a double cooling system.

“One of the main electrical drive train topologies is based on two electrically independent connections, one per conversion line. The power converter redundancy increases turbine availability if one of the conversion line fails. This is a key advantage in the offshore market as it increases the energy yield and the return on investment,” explains Carlos Gironés, R&D Director of Converters & Controls at Ingeteam Wind Energy.

Ingeteam also offers two different generator series for full power conversion topologies. The INDAR PMG series feature generators based on Permanent Magnet Technology, which it claims requires very low maintenance and offers high reliability. The INDAR PMG series can feature a range of cooling systems and voltage levels. They are also designed to accommodate for direct-drive, medium-speed and high-speed machines. On the other hand, the INDAR IG series work with a coupled 3-stage gearbox by means of a flexible and insulated coupling.

“We wanted to provide our OEM customers working on next-generation offshore turbines with a power conversion solution that combines optimized cost, high efficiency, easy maintainability, and improved reliability, all combined into one rugged product. Years of R&D have led to a power conversion solution that, by parallelizing two conversion lines, can push the previous power rating boundaries at medium voltage past the 13MW limit to reach 18MW. Such a cutting-edge solution in the sector is already emerging as the new standard for future offshore wind mega turbines.”, concluded Carlos Gironés, R&D Director of Converters & Controls at Ingeteam Wind Energy.