Investigations start for faulty SKAGERRAK-4

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Since February 2019, there have been three faults on the
Skagerrak 4 (SK4) interconnector, an electricity connection between Danish and Norwegian national grids. The faults occurred on February 6, July 21 and October 9, respectively, causing a complete connection closure for several weeks.

The faults have been found in the onshore cable in Denmark. To find the causes of the three faults, Energinet and the cable supplier will now dig down to the cable in several places on the route and take samples. The cable is cut and pieces are examined by Energinet, the cable supplier and by experts from an independent company.
Work on sampling begins on May 25 and ends on July 28, which is why the SK4 connection during that time has been shut down and taken out of service.

"We cannot determine today how the errors occurred, but we agree with the cable supplier to have a thorough analysis and get expert opinions. Only when we have the conclusions do we decide what is needed, but it is important to state that the SK4 connection must be back in full capacity operation, so that there is full opportunity for trade and export and import between the two countries,"
emphasised director of Energinet Electric Transmission Henrik Riis.

In order to minimise the risk of further faults, the capacity of Skagerrak connections has been reduced from 1700 to 1387 MW since October. The technical solution chosen for
Skagerrak 4 means that capacity in any given situation is generally asymmetric, allowing for loads of 1387 MW in the primary direction and 950 MW in the secondary direction. Currently, the direction Norway towards Denmark is the primary direction. However, in future it might be possible to increase capacity to 1350 MW in secondary direction.

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