Isle of Man launches Climate Action Plan

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The government of the Isle of Man (Tynwald) has approved a Climate Action Plan that would see an increase in renewables in an effort to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The Plan commits to 10 key steps, one of which specifies that 75% of the Island's electricity generation should come from renewable sources by 2035.

Actions include launching a prior information notice (pre tender) for an offshore wind farm, to achieve generation by the end of the decade. The plan also discusses various options for progressing Ørsted's IOM offshore wind farm.

Ørsted was awarded a lease to conduct preliminary surveys in 2015 with aims to build a 700 MW project and export power to the UK. However, progress has been limited because projects in IOM waters don’t qualify for the UK CfD scheme. However, with ambitions to decarbonise the IOM’s power generation and declining costs of offshore wind, the IOM is now considering that at least 150 MW could be exported to the island, with a route to market achieved via long term PPAs. Excess power may still be exported to the UK and potentially Ireland via DC interconnectors.

The government plans to encourage the UK to amend its CfD scheme, allowing bids from the IOM, and will also conduct a full technical and economic appraisal of various options for the project, including floating, hydrogen and battery storage. The Climate Action Plan includes other targets such as incentives to lower emissions, planting trees, banning peat cutting and transport electrification. The Tynwald voted unanimously to approve the first phase of the plan in late January and has committed to introduce a Climate Bill in 2020 and phase two of the plan in 2021.

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