Italian offshore wind project making progress despite criticism from public

Energia Wind 2020’s Italian offshore wind project has finalized the Environmental Impact Assessment and will submit for authorisation in the next few days, despite needing to make significant changes at the request of local public bodies due to its proximity to the shoreline and potential tourism impacts.

The fixed-bottom project, located off the coast of Rimini, will have 51 turbines at a distance of 15 km from the coast.

The backlash from local residents highlights the need for floating wind in Italy with offshore wind projects further out to sea.

Historically, permitting and authorization procedures in Italy have been challenging, as demonstrated by the recently inaugurated Beleolico offshore wind farm owned by Renexia.

 Energia Wind 2020 are expecting authorization by the end of the year, at the hands of Italy’s new and improved “single authorization procedure”. If all goes to plan, construction will commence early 2023 with completion within 20 months.

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