JDR adopts new array cable technology from HIGHVOLT

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 02/09/2021 HIGHVOLT
HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH (HIGHVOLT) and JDR Cable Systems, part of the TFKable Group, have announced the adoption by JDR of a Resonant Test System (RTS) to support its offshore wind farm commissioning projects.

The test system is designed and manufactured in Dresden, Germany, by HIGHVOLT. It is purpose built for post installation testing of 66 kV offshore inter array cables (IAC) according to the international standard IEC 63026. The system will be DNV certified and smaller in scale compared to the land based equivalent to allow for the logistics of working offshore. Its modular design aims to facilitate the testing of different lengths and types of cable.

The system is due to be used on a major UK offshore wind farm project mid-late 2021.

Ross Piercey- Asset manager, JDR Cables, commented: "JDR has looked at what our clients need, to adhere to the latest IEC 63026 Submarine Power Cable standard and how we can support them to satisfy insurers the windfarm installation is fit for purpose. It’s clear that with the upgrade to 66 kV inter arrays, a more robust post installation test method is needed, to ensure the cable and all accessories are defect free upon install. We are delighted to work with HighVolt in bringing this world leading concept to our clients.  JDR will be the first offshore test and terminations company to offer Resonance, VLF & DAC technologies to our customers."