JERA opens Akita offshore wind office

In: Windfarms
JERA Co., Inc. (JERA) has opened its office in the city of Akita as a base for offshore wind projects off the coast of Akita Prefecture.

In Akita Prefecture, bidding for the development of offshore wind power projects (off Noshiro City, Mitane Town, and Oga City and off Yurihonjo City) is now being conducted under the Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities. JERA aims to participate together with its business partners.

JERA believes that Akita Prefecture, as a first-mover, will become a hub for accumulating information and human resources related to the domestic offshore wind industry, it has established the Akita office to consider the development of offshore wind power projects, to collect information, and to communicate with local communities in the Tohoku region.

JERA stated that the office will launch with a small number of employees but is expected to grow in scale as business develops.

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