JERA, ADEME and IDEOL forge floating alliance

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JERA, ADEME INVESTISSEMENT and IDEOL have agreed on the key terms for establishing an investment vehicle dedicated to financing the development phase of at least 2 GW of projects using IDEOL’s patented Damping Pool technology.
JERA, ADEME INVESTISSEMENT and IDEOL intend to join forces to finance the development phase of several floating offshore wind projects across the globe during the next five years, each centered around IDEOL’s high-local content and highly competitive technology.

Satoshi Yajima (Executive Officer of JERA’s Business Development Department) commented: “JERA is enchanted to support the most promising floating foundation on the market and to be a part of its future inevitable success. We are positively assured by IDEOL`s high local content technology and we envision commercial scale projects around the globe through this partnership.”

Arnaud Leroy (CEO of ADEME, itself President of ADEME Investissement) said: “We do believe that floating offshore wind is on its way to confirm its potential and become a substantial contributor to achieving future climate goals. This partnership aims at financing first commercial scale projects and at supporting IDEOL’s technology as both will contribute to accelerate the competitiveness of floating offshore wind.”

Paul de la Guérivière (CEO of IDEOL) commented: “This new milestone for IDEOL confirms the market-readiness of our technology and shows the relevance of our unique business model as project co-developer and co-EPCI contractor based on our technical excellence. We are particularly happy and honored to team up with JERA and ADEME INVESTISSEMENT, leading voices in two of the most strategic and pioneering markets for floating offshore wind that are Japan and France.”

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