KenzFigee launches crane solution for heavy maintenance

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 26/09/2022 KenzFigee

KenzFigee has launched its first up-tower crane solution for offshore application. The GenHook offshore up-tower crane with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes is able to perform generator and gearbox exchanges and repairs.

KenzFigee’s stated that by using onshore-proven up-tower crane technology, smaller jack-up barges and offshore vessels can be deployed, avoiding the use of costly conventional units.

The KenzFigee range of up-tower cranes for WTG maintenance has been specifically designed to be placed temporarily on top of a wind turbine nacelle for major component exchange. The company claims they are safer, faster, more reliable and have a larger operational window as compared to using large traditional cranes. In addition, unlike conventional cranes, these up-tower cranes are powered by the wind turbine itself.

The modular and lightweight GenHook up-tower crane is easy to install by the WTG nacelle service crane itself.  The GenHookTM is assembled in just a few steps and, once mounted in the nacelle it has a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonnes allowing generator and gearbox replacements.

“We are proud and excited to have been able to develop and launch this new generation up-tower crane for the offshore wind energy market. A fantastic result of the combined experience of WTG service specialist LiftWerx, our clients and KenzFigee’s know-how in on and offshore lifting solutions since 1836. By innovating side by side with clients and partners, we are able to take operational efficiency to new heights”,
said Maikel Takken, CEO of KenzFigee.