Korea plans on developing its first 10 MW turbine

Unison Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement with the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning for the development and demonstration of a 10 MW class offshore wind power system. The consortium was organized by Unison, with 7 companies and institutions including Korea Midland Power, Korea Southern Power, Hidak Korea, and Namkwang Electric participating

This project is part of the “First New Project in the Renewable Energy Field for 2022” implemented by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Energy Technology Assessment Service. It was promoted to secure competitiveness in the domestic offshore wind power market.

Since 2005, Unison has built Korea's first and largest wind farms, Yeongdeok Wind Power and Gangwon Wind Power, and succeeded in localizing 750 kW gearless wind power generators for the first time in Korea. It is a wind power company that has succeeded in developing system technology. In addition, it was in the process of designing a 10 MW class offshore wind power system on its own, and it is expected that the development and commercialization stage will be accelerated through this project agreement.

The 10 MW class offshore wind power generator scheduled to be developed for this project has a direct drive drivetrain applied to increase durability and has an advantage in designing in consideration of a typhoon with a maximum wind speed of 70m/s at an instant. In addition, it is a low wind speed model considering the Korean environment, and is expected to secure excellent business feasibility with a design life of 30 years.

Offshore wind power generation is an industry that is rapidly expanding worldwide due to the highest power generation efficiency among renewable energies. As such, the development of a 10 MW class offshore wind power generation system is a development task that contributes to the achievement of the goals of the carbon-neutral policy and the Green New Deal policy.

An Unison official said, "Once the development of the 10 MW class offshore wind power system is completed, it will become the largest wind power generation system in Korea, and the efforts of consortium-related companies and institutions will contribute to the development of the domestic offshore wind energy industry."

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