Lhyfe inaugurates offshore hydrogen demonstrator

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 22/09/2022 Lhyfe
Lhyfe announced it has inaugurated the world’s first offshore renewable hydrogen production demonstrator which is due to be launched off the coast of Saint-Nazaire in France.

Lhyfe produces its renewable green hydrogen by using water and wind or sun to power its electrolysers. Water is fed into the electrolyser, which is split into hydrogen and oxygen meaning the only by-product is oxygen. The electrolyser is installed on GEPS Techno's floating platform.

After six months of operations at the quayside in Saint-Nazaire the offshore unit will be deployed at the SEM-REV site. It is to be connected to several offshore energy sources, including the the floatgen floating wind turbine.

Lhyfe's demonstrator is expected to validate the offshore hydrogen production technology with the company envisaging large-scale industrial deployment in 2024. It is anticipated to produce 440 kg per day.

"At Lhyfe, we have only one objective: to leave a more breathable planet to our children. That's why we wanted to take up a major technological challenge: to prove - by producing hydrogen at sea for the first time - that it is possible to do it today. By opening the way to the massive production of renewable hydrogen at sea, Sealhyfe is fully involved in the European deployment of the offshore hydrogen sector, and wishes to contribute to building the energy sovereignty of countries,"
said Matthieu Guesné CEO of Lhyfe.

Earlier this month, Lhyfe announced the launch of its first UK operation to identify opportunities to deploy production facilities to support the country’s net zero ambitions.
Lhyfe is developing green hydrogen solutions for regions, industry, transport and fuel distribution. It has ambitions for more than 3 GW of electrolytic hydrogen in operation by 2030.
Back in June Lhyfe and Chantiers de l’Atlantique announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of offshore hydrogen production platforms. Lhyfe and Chantiers de l’Atlantique will collaborate on offshore renewable hydrogen production projects with on-grid or off-grid wind farms. Chantiers de l’Atlantique will design, build and install the platforms, while Lhyfe will be in charge of the design and operation of the renewable hydrogen production facilities.