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Cable Lay Vessel (CLV) Living Stone is kicking off array cable installation at the Moray East offshore wind farm. Living Stone departed from Hartlepool for the Outer Moray Firth on 30th September. This first array cable installation campaign is expected to last eight weeks.

The cable pull ins and free lay of inter-array cables between the turbine locations will be carried out by the
vessel, as well as WROV surveys once the cable has been installed. Grand Canyon and Deep Cygnus will be on hand, providing support. They will be operating a walk to work system for personnel access to the turbine locations and transferring equipment to assist the cable pull ins. Both vessels will be supported by the Crew Transfer Vessel World Scirocco, which will assist in personnel transfers to the turbines and carry out crew changes for both vessels.

Living Stone features DP3 capability and two turntables below deck, each with a 5,000 tonne cable capacity. It can carry, transport and install more than 200km of cable in a single trip.

Boskalis was awarded a EUR 110 million contract for the supply and installation of the inter-array cables in 2018. The project scope includes the design, supply, installation and burial, as well as termination and testing, of one hundred and two 66kV inter-array cables. JDR was bought onboard to supply ~156 km of array cables, plus 19.6 km of interconnector cables between substations. Overall array cable installation will be carried out over three campaigns during 2020 and 2021.

Whilst array cable installation is only just starting, export cable works are nearing completion. All three export cables have been laid. The second export cable (OEC2) has been pulled into the second offshore substation (OSP2). The other two export cables are in wet storage (OEC1&3) on the seabed. Vessel
NKT Victoria is currently retrieving the third export cable (OEC3) in readiness for pull in at the third offshore substation (OSP3). Vessel Havila Phoenix is currently burying OEC2 subsea power cable below the seabed, via means of remotely operated trenching vehicles.

Export cable laying is expected to be completed by 3rd October 2020, with trenching works concluding in early November. A separate campaign to install remedial protection over the cables on any remaining unburied/unprotected sections will be undertaken at a later date.

To date, 38 jackets have also been installed at the pre-piled locations by Seajacks Scylla. Installation of the 100 MHI Vestas
V164-9.5 MW turbines will start in early 2021, with full commissioning expected in 2022.

Located 22 km off the coast of Scotland, the 950 MW
Moray East project is the first of two wind farms to be developed in the Outer Moray Firth Zone. Development is being led by a joint venture between Diamond Green Limited (33.4%), EDPR (33.3 %), ENGIE (23.3%) and CTG (10%). The project secured a Contract for Difference of £57.50/MWh from the UK Government in 2017.

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