LS Cable & System awarded submarine cable project in Great Lakes

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LS Cable & System will be responsible for manufacturing, transporting and overseeing the installation of two new cables, establishing two new 138 KV circuits in the Straits of Mackinac, which are approximately 6.4 kms in length.

The two new 3-phase cables will replace the existing six 1-phase cables currently in place in the Straits. The new subsea cables will be using modern solid dielectric technology.

For decades, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and lower Michigan have been connected electrically by two underwater 138-kilovolt transmission lines, comprised of six cables. The project is expected to replace old multiple cable lines and stabilise power supply by 2021.

In April 2018, ATC’s transmission lines were damaged when an anchor detached two of the cable, severely damaging a third. A single transmission line was formed, configuring the three undamaged cables, allowing ATC to restore an electrical connection between the U.P. and lower Michigan.

The expansion of US offshore wind industry is positively impacting the growth of the submarine cable market. The country is planning to increase annual wind power generation to 86GW by 2050.

“As replacement demands for old cables and new demands coming from development of offshore farms are combined, the US submarine cable market is expected to grow continuously,”
said President & CEO, Roe-Hyun Myung of LS C&S. “LS C&S is planning to depart from the conventional Asian centrism and concentrate its marketing efforts on development of new markets, such as the US, Europe and Africa.”

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