MAATS will supply new Nexans vessel

MAATSMAATS has been awarded a contract to supply new deck spread by Nexans for its new vessel.

The scope will be installed on a cable lay vessel Nexans Aurora scheduled for launch by 2021. The main item is a 10,000te cable carousel, which will be a concentric carousel in a carousel design and will be able to process 2 cables simultaneously, or alternatively it can store a single length weighing 10,000te.

Other equipment includes a capstan hold back, two deck tensioners, laywheels and integrated control system. The vessel has 2 firing lines and is primarily intended to lay interconnectors and export cables for Nexans customers.

The vessel will be constructed by Ulstein after a recent agreement between it and Nexans.

CEO Gunvor Ulstein, Ulstein Group, comments: “We are very pleased that Nexans, a solid and important player, chooses Ulstein to construct their new flag ship. We have a strong organisation with long experience in delivering advanced vessels. The contract was won in tough, international competition. We look forward to a constructive and fruitful cooperation with Nexans in the years to come”.

The vessel will be outfitted for power cable laying, including bundle laying, cable jointing and repair and cable system protection and trenching. The ST-297 CLV is designed by Skipsteknisk, Ålesund.

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