Marine Coordination alliance assembled

SeaRocA new alliance between industry members has been put together to combat the challenges of the evolving offshore wind market.

SeaRoc Group has launched its Strategic Alliance Program where it will be working with a number of industry partners to expand its range of marine coordination services.

Recent years have seen the increasing development of the Marine Coordination function in the construction and ongoing management of offshore wind farms. As offshore projects become more complex with the movement into deeper waters and increased distances from shore, the demand has too increased, for more advanced Marine Coordination capabilities.    

SeaRoc Group have frequently been asked to supply Marine Coordinators where clients do not have an in house team and have developed the Strategic Alliance Program to recommend trusted partners to meet clients’ needs.

“We have developed the Strategic Alliance Program to ensure that users of our SeaPlanner software have access to teams of experienced Marine Coordinators that can utilise our management tools to deliver safe and efficient Marine operations.” says Steve Pears, SeaRoc Group Managing Director.

The members of the program so far include: Specialist Marine Consultants, EMS Maritime Offshore, Marine Coordination Services, and P2B Maritime.

SeaRoc Group will introduce clients looking for Marine Coordinators to the nearest Strategic Alliance partner that will be able to meet the needs of their project. Future partners are planned for the Japanese and Korean markets, among others.

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