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The Maryland Public Service Commission is to hold a hearing to consider the impacts of using larger turbines at Ørsted’s 120 MW Skipjack offshore wind farm and US Wind Inc.’s 268 MW MarWin project.

Original designs from 2016 for
MarWin listed the 4 MW Siemens turbine as the preliminary turbine model and Skipjack reported that the Siemens 8 MW model was used to design the wind farm. Earlier this year, US Wind notified the commission that it was evaluating alternative models, including the SG 8.0 MW 167 DD, SG 10 MW 193 DD and 12 MW General Electric Haliade-X turbines.

Ørsted has also altered its plans and intends to install the 12 MW Haliade-X. Several parties expressed concern over the potential visual and environmental impacts of using larger turbines. US Wind filed a response contending that its selection of a larger turbine will enable the project to utilize fewer turbines, further from shore, and that final turbine selection will be heavily scrutinized for impacts. Ørsted argues that its turbine selection is consistent with its testimony in the original project designs to use “the best-available turbine model.”

The commission has determined that changes to the turbine model and size constitute material changes and that potential impacts will need to be investigated. A public hearing has been scheduled for 18th January.

Skipjack offshore wind farm is to be located in the ocean waters northeast of Ocean City, 19.5 miles away from the Maryland-Delaware border. It is expected to be completed by 2022 and generate enough energy to power 35,000 homes.

US Wind Inc.’s
MarWin is due online in 2023. This project was initially two separate lots, Maryland North and Maryland south. US Wind plans to install turbines in waters 20-30 metres deep, approximately 17 miles off the coast of Ocean City.

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