MMT to survey North Sea energy island

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Energinet has selected MMT to conduct the initial surveys of the seabed area beneath the future Energy Island in the North Sea. A purpose built artificial island in the North Sea, the Energy Island is set to be the world’s first offshore wind energy hub.

MMT, an Ocean Infinity company, will conduct pre-construction geophysical and seismic surveys in the 526km2 area from May 2021 to September 2022.

The work will be carried out in four phases. Phase 1 will deliver the geophysical survey including 2D surveys down to 100m below the seabed. Phase 2 will see the deployment of ROVs to conduct Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) magnetometer surveys. Phase 3 is a 3D Ultra High Resolution Seismic (UHRS) survey of the Energy Island locations, followed by the final phase, a survey and inspection to assist the Danish Navy with the removal of confirmed UXO.

The work will be used to produce a detailed digital map of the seabed and underlying geological layers to allow construction of the artificial island and around 200 offshore wind turbines in both a technically feasible and environmentally conscious manner.

Once established, the island is designed to convert and distribute power to several countries. Initially it will produce 3 GW of power, increasing to 10 GW in the following years.

Poul-Jacob Vilhelmsen, Project Manager for Energinet’s work on the future energy islands in Danish waters, said: “The geophysical studies have to cover a very large area, and it’s important that they meet the time schedule. We are therefore pleased that a very experienced and professional company like MMT will be performing the surveying in the North Sea”.

Per-Olof Sverlinger, CEO of MMT, said: “This project is a big step forward in the world’s transition to renewable energy. MMT and the Ocean Infinity group is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future and as such, is delighted to continue our service delivery to Energinet by playing a significant role in the development of this pioneering energy infrastructure; providing the data needed to ensure an environmentally conscious, successful development”.

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